Wooo – where does the time go? I’ve been so wrapped up with life the past few months … ah, the excuses for not blogging. Actually, the absence DOES coincide with the new job. Flimsy, but it works.

The Venture Brothers are back! The kooky, death-prone, half-witted children of Dr. Venture who get into almost as much trouble as everyone else on the show. This is easily one of the best animated shows on TV and the wait for the new season was well worth it. (Rumor has it that my own cousin has been working on the show as an animator, but I haven’t been able to verify it.)

I watched the first two episodes– had to download them from the net because they won’t air in Canada for another year or more. (It’s one of the downsides to living in Canada: It’s like your big brother has all these cool new shows and he’s going to show them to all his friends first before he shows them to you. It feels like you get the hand-me-downs.) Same goes with Stargate: Atlantis. The new episodes won’t air until sometime later this year. (Even though it’s shot here!!)

Anyway. Watched the first two episodes. Wasn’t crazy about the first one, although I love the way they play with the opening credit sequence and incorporate different characters. (This time: The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend.) But most of the episode was what you might call the “on trial” type of show – a lot of sitting around and talking. A whole lot of blah blah blah. Interspersed with some flashback scenes of the Monarch in college – yawn. It’s almost an “origin” kind of thing, and frankly, I don’t know why everyone is so interested in “origins.” It never really appealed to me. It might be the same reason why I don’t care much for “flashbacks” – let’s move the story FORWARD, not BACKWARD.

The second episode was better, but in the third we’re BACK to the origins thing. This time, Billy Quizboy, and admittedly it was interesting. But so far this season we’ve seen the origins of the Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, Phantom Limb, Billy Quizboy, and to some degree Dr. Venture and Brock. Really? Is all this necessary?

And why spend so much time on Phantom Limb? He’s a good character, but frankly it seems too much to make him the grand schemer of the show. He’s not THAT interesting.

I’m not saying the show’s going downhill, just that they’re obviously trying out some new things this season. But it seems to me that the success of the show rested on its ability to shoot off into random directions, not stay in one place for too long.