Kyle XY is turning out to be one of my favorite shows. Maybe not of ALL TIME, but certainly of what is out there now. It really only has one foot in the tidal pool of science fiction, but because the lead character was grown in a test tube, that’s all it needs. Right there—the premise is pretty solid. That’s enough to call it science fiction.

The rest of the show is pretty minimalist, in terms of story: Kyle must solve the big mystery of who he is without letting too many people in on his secret. Along the way, he develops friendships, loves, hates, feelings, emotions—we are, in effect, watching a robot become human. In fact, for the first several episodes before they revealed exactly what he was, I was SURE he was a robot. Ah, well.

He also has these powers; these mysterious, phantom, abnormal powers that he keeps discovering. And here’s the first of my pet peeves: what happened to those powers?? In one of the first episodes, he’s kicking much cop ass—what happened to that?? And he jumps off a roof, landing on his feet; he can move glasses of water with his mind. (Mmm, that beer across the room is too far for me to go and get … ) Stuff like this appears once and then disappears.

But the beauty of this show, in my opinion, is the production itself. As far as scifi goes, it’s as minimal as you can get—everything takes place in one house (a BIG house) and a few select random locations, none of which really need much set dec. There are some specialty sets that need to be created, but for the most part, this is a low budget production.

And you can’t tell, can you? The writing is fantastic, the acting excellent, and the direction marvelous.

My biggest complaint? It’s kind of spinning off the direction that Lost did: no mystery is ever quite answered, and whenever we get close, ANOTHER appears. Unlike Lost, we know who the bad guys are.

But what do they want? Here’s where it’s also getting stretched a bit thin. First it was the evil corporation that made Kyle, but they self destructed or something. (Was it ever really explained?) And now it’s ANOTHER evil corporation, who want Kyle for his “information.” He apparently downloaded EVERYTHING from their database when he was in the pod because it was the only way to rebel against his parents. Something.

But what’s the data? Well, we don’t know. That won’t be answered until sometime down the road, I bet, like the season finale when they can string us along a little more. Presumably, the info is how to create MORE Kyles, even though they seem to know a great deal about him already!

So now it sounds like I’m bashing Kyle XY. Nah. I still like the show, I love the supporting cast (great bunch of actors), and the storylines all make a reasonable amount of sense. Everybody has their own thing going on, which is nice to see.

I’d just like to see the show move on to something bigger, something a little more risky, with a little edge, or it may just spin its wheels another season until it’s canceled, or until the audience gets fed up and rejects it like they did Lost.